§ 531.20. General prohibition; authority to continue.  

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  • (a) Uses and structures. No structure or use, or part thereof, shall hereafter be erected, constructed, altered, enlarged, relocated, used or intensified in character or operation except in conformity with the provisions of this zoning ordinance. Legal nonconforming uses and structures shall be allowed to continue so long as they remain otherwise lawful, subject to the provisions of this chapter. Nonconforming uses and structures which were not lawfully in existence on the effective date of this ordinance shall be prohibited.


    Nonconforming lots. No nonconforming lot shall be used, nor any structure erected thereon, except in conformance with section 531.100.


    Interpretation. This chapter imposes a general prohibition on the enlargement, expansion, relocation, or intensification of nonconforming uses and structures, and on the change of any nonconforming use to a use other than one allowed in the district in which the use is located. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to provide a property owner with any property right or other legal right to compel the city to grant an exception to this general prohibition.


    Change of tenant or ownership. A change of tenancy, ownership or management of any nonconforming use or structure shall be allowed, provided there is no change in the nature or character of such nonconforming use or structure, except as otherwise provided by this chapter.


    Nonconforming signs.


    On-premise signs. Nonconforming on-premise signs may be maintained and repaired, as specified in Chapter 543, On-Premise Signs, except as prohibited by the regulations governing sexually oriented uses contained in Chapter 549, Downtown Districts.


    Off-premise advertising signs and billboards. Nonconforming off-premise advertising signs and billboards shall be regulated as specified in Chapter 544, Off-Premise Advertising Signs and Billboards, notwithstanding the provisions of this chapter.


    Legal nonconforming residential uses in residence districts. This chapter shall not prevent a legal nonconforming residential use located in a residence district from reducing the number of dwelling or rooming units on the subject property.

(2005-Or-137, § 1, 12-2-05)