Chapter 9. Traffic  

Article I. In General
Article II. Rules Of The Road Generally
Article III. Speed
Article IV. Signs, Signals And Devices
Article V. Bicycles
Article VI. One-Way Streets
Article VII. Parking, Stopping And Standing
Article VIII. Miscellaneous
Article IX. Snow Emergency Regulations

Chapter 9 TRAFFIC

Art.     I.  In General, §§ PB9-1—PB9-18
Art.     II.  Rules of the Road Generally, §§ PB9-19—PB9-50
Art.     III.  Speed, §§ PB9-51—PB9-71
Art.     IV.  Signs, Signals and Devices, §§ PB9-72—PB9-92
Art.     V.  Bicycles, §§ PB9-93—PB9-116
Art.     VI.  One-Way Streets, §§ PB9-117—PB9-131
Art.     VII.  Parking, Stopping and Standing, §§ PB9-132—PB9-162
Art.     VIII.  Miscellaneous, §§ PB9-163—PB9-199
Art.     IX.  Snow Emergency Regulations, §§ PB9-200—PB9-204