Title 13. Licenses And Business Regulations  

Chapter 259. In General
Chapter 261. License Fees Generally
Chapter 263. Licensing Corporations
Chapter 264. Outdoor Pay Telephones
Chapter 265. Special Permits For Specific Businesses And Uses
Chapter 266. Rental Halls
Chapter 267. Amusements
Chapter 268. Lawful Gambling
Chapter 269. Asphalt Shingle And Roofing Material Manufacture
Chapter 271. Auctions And Auctioneers
Chapter 272. Resin Manufacturing
Chapter 273. Reserved
Chapter 275. Broadcasting Vehicles
Chapter 277. Building Trades Licenses
Chapter 278. Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning, Gasfitting, Oil, Plumber/Gas Fitter, Refrigeration And Steam And Hot Water Installers
Chapter 279. Christmas Tree Dealers
Chapter 281. Tobacco Dealers
Chapter 283. Courtesy Benches
Chapter 284. Reserved
Chapter 285. Dancing Schools
Chapter 286. Massage And Bodywork Establishments
Chapter 287. Filling Stations And Bulk Oil Plants
Chapter 289. Fire Extinguisher Sales And Service
Chapter 291. Fuel Dealers
Chapter 293. Going Out Of Business Sales
Chapter 295. Groceterias And Portable Stores
Chapter 296. Hospitals
Chapter 297. Hotels
Chapter 297A. Bed And Breakfast Facilities
Chapter 298. Reserved
Chapter 299. Ice Sale And Manufacture
Chapter 301. Laundries And Dry Cleaning Establishments
Chapter 303. Horse And Carriage Livery Services
Chapter 304. Hoofed And/Or Small Animal Service
Chapter 305. Pedicabs
Chapter 306. Commercial Pedal Car
Chapter 307. Valet Parking
Chapter 309. Extended Hours Of Operation
Chapter 311. Motor Scooter Leasing
Chapter 313. Motor Vehicle Dealers
Chapter 315. Motor Vehicle Lubricant Dealers
Chapter 317. Motor Vehicle Repair Garages
Chapter 319. Open Air Motor Vehicle Parking Lots
Chapter 320. Vehicle Immobilization Service
Chapter 321. Secondhand Dealers
Chapter 322. Precious Metal Dealers
Chapter 323. Reserved
Chapter 324. Pawnbrokers
Chapter 325. Pest Control
Chapter 327. Rental Automobile Odometer Inspection
Chapter 329. Reserved
Chapter 331. Sidewalk Flower Cart Vendors
Chapter 332. Solicitors, Peddlers And Transient Merchants
Chapter 333. Reserved
Chapter 335. Street Photographers
Chapter 337. Reserved
Chapter 339. Body Art Code
Chapter 341. Taxicabs
Chapter 343. Reserved
Chapter 345. Reserved
Chapter 347. Tree Servicing
Chapter 348. Used Motor Vehicle Parts Dealer
Chapter 349. Wreckers And Tow Trucks
Chapter 350. Recycling Activities And Salvage Yards