§ 2. Buildings, Etc., Salaries and Bonds of Police Officers  

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  • The city council shall provide all buildings, facilities and equipments, and all other public property as may be necessary or deemed essential to the efficiency of said police force and department, and shall, by resolution, fix the salary and compensation of each member of the force and provide for the payment thereof. The City Council shall also fix the amount of the bonds to be required from each officer and the conditions thereof, and pass upon the same, and when so requested by the Mayor, shall determine the maximum number of members to constitute said Police Force. For the sole purpose of maintaining the personnel of the Police Department as provided in Section 1 hereof, the City Council, notwithstanding other statutory or Charter tax limitations, shall levy a tax annually, in addition to the City general fund levy, in such amount as is necessary to maintain the Police Department personnel ratio, but only to the extent such amount is in excess of the sum used to maintain the number of employees constituting the Police Department on January 1, 1961. In no event shall such additional tax exceed three (3) mills on each dollar of assessed valuation on all taxable real and personal property of the City, such mill rate limitation to be converted and adjusted in the manner provided in Minnesota Statutes, Sections 273.1102 and 275.011. The additional tax and levy herein provided shall not be reduced by the Board of Estimate and Taxation, and the proceeds therefrom shall be appropriated only to the use of the Police Department personnel, and related other than personnel items, and the City Council shall not reduce any other appropriation made for police purposes by reason of the additional tax and levy herein provided. (As amended 6-13-61; 10-30-70; 89-Or-195, § 2, 9-29-89)


The amendment of June 13, 1961, established a ratio of 1.7 police employees per 1,000 population and increased the millage by 3 mills for this purpose. The amendment of October 30, 1970, changed reference to the superintendent of police to chief of police and deleted unnecessary language. 89-Or-195, § 2, adopted September 29, 1989, added and deleted language relative to rate limitations on the additional tax.