§ 6. Election Judges—Council to Fix Compensation  

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  • The City Council shall at least 14 days before any special or general City Election appoint such judges of election as may be necessary to constitute a full board for every election precinct, as provided by general laws. The compensation of elections judges shall be forty (40) percent greater than the prevailing minimum wage as defined by state law unless the City Council sets a different rate.

    This amendment shall become effective January 1, 2000. (As amended 81-Or-207, § 1, 8-14-81; 99-Or-079, § 1, 7-16-99; Charter Amend. No. 161, § 2, ref. of 11-7-06)


81-Or-207 reduced the time of appointment of judges from 50 to 14 days before the election and added special and primary elections. The amendment of November 7, 2006, provided for the elimination of primary elections for city offices, amended filing dates, and allowed for single transferable vote, sometimes known as ranked choice voting or instant runoff voting.