§ 5. Candidate Filing  

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  • Prior to January 1st of the election year, the City Council shall fix and determine the opening and closing dates for the filing of candidates for office. The time allowed for the filing of candidates for office shall never be less than 15 days, or as otherwise required by Minnesota law. (As amended 6-13-55; 3-29-68; 81-Or-145, § 1, 6-12-81; 11-8-83; Charter Amend. No. 161, § 1, ref. of 11-7-06; 2010-Or-091, § 2, 10-12-10)


The amendment of June 13, 1955, changed the election from Monday to Tuesday. The amendment of March 29, 1968, made the date discretionary with the council. 81-Or-145 reduced the time allowed for filing from 30 to 15 days. The amendment of November 8, 1983, provided for the elimination of the party lever from primary elections. The amendment of November 7, 2006, provided for the elimination of primary elections for city offices, amended filing dates, and allowed for single transferable vote, sometimes known as ranked choice voting or instant runoff voting.

For a special act containing provisions similar to § 5 above, see Laws 1957, Ch. 1, §§ 1, 3, 4.