§ 3. Terms of Office of Mayor and Council Members  

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  • The terms of office of the Mayor and Council Members shall be for four years commencing on the first business day of January of the year following their election. (As amended 10-30-70; 11-5-74; 11-11-80; 11-8-83; 84-Or-040, § 2, 3-30-84; 11-6-84; 11-2-93; 11-5-96)


The amendment of October 30, 1970, deleted obsolete language re hold-over officials at the time of adoption of the Charter in 1920; deleted requirements for balloting on council appointment of city officers in view of an attorney general's opinion that such votes be recorded; and corrected superseded reference to 4-year terms of aldermen. The amendment of November 5, 1974, changed the date of commencement of term from the first Monday of July. The amendment of November 11, 1980, instituted a 4-year term for the mayor. The amendment of November 8, 1983, changed "Aldermen" to "Council Members." 84-Or-040 deleted "Comptroller-Treasurer" from the section. The amendment of Nov. 6, 1984, instituted identical terms of four years for both the mayor and council members.