§ 13. Filing for Election  

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  • All candidates for election at any city election shall file their affidavit for such, election and pay their fee therefor, in the same manner as provided in the general election laws of the State of Minnesota, except only that such filing shall be made with, and such fee paid to the City Clerk instead of the County Auditor. (As amended 84-Or-040, § 4, 3-30-84; Charter Amend. No. 161, § 7, ref. of 11-7-06; 2010-Or-091, § 4, 10-12-10)


84-Or-040 changed the date of filing from not later than the "20th" to the "30th." The amendment of November 7, 2006, provided for the elimination of primary elections for city offices, amended filing dates, and allowed for single transferable vote, sometimes known as ranked choice voting or instant runoff voting.


Affidavits of candidacy in primaries, M.S. § 204B.06.