§ 1. Elective Officers  

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  • The elective officers of the City shall be a Mayor, members of the City Council (who shall be known as Council Members) and such members of boards or commissions as elsewhere provided in this Charter. The City Council shall consist of one (1) Council Member from each ward to be elected by the voters of the respective wards. (As amended 6-11-51; 11-5-74; 11-8-83; 84-Or-040, § 1, 3-30-84)


The amendment of June 11, 1951, reduced the number of members of council from 26 to 13 and the term of office from 4 to 2 years. The amendment of November 8, 1983, changed "Alderman" to "Council Member." 84-Or-040 deleted "Comptroller-Treasurer" from the list of elective officers.