Chapter 19. Civil Service  

§ 1. Civil Service Commissioners of Minneapolis to Be Appointed by Mayor with Approval of a Majority of City Council and To Receive Salary To Be Set by City Council— Mayor To File Names of Prospective Appointees
§ 2. Civil Service Fund Authorized
§ 3. Commission To Meet on Second Monday of August for Organization and All Employees to Be in Classified Service
§ 4. Powers of Commission To Extend Only To Classified Service
§ 5. "Employee" Designated
§ 6. Listing, Grading and Classifying Employees
§ 7. Commission to Make, Alter and Change Rules
§ 8. Commission to Give Notice of Change of Rules
§ 9. Application Register to Be Kept
§ 10. Mayor to Be Notified of Rules and Amendments
§ 11. Officers or Employees Not to Be Removed After Six Months Except for Cause—Investigation of Charges
§ 12. Duties of Each Office to Be Ascertained and Class and Grade Established
§ 13. Conduct of Examinations
§ 14. Notice of Examination
§ 15. Filling of Vacancies
§ 16. Filling of Certain Positions Without Examination
§ 17. Restrictions on City Finance Officer in Payment of Salaries
§ 18. Commission to Make a Report on or Before January 30 of Each Year
§ 19. Investigation by Commission or Individual Commissioner and Trial of Accused
§ 20. False Answers or Statements Cause for Forfeiture of Right to Be Entered Upon Register
§ 21. Giving or Taking of Money or Service for Position a Misdemeanor
§§ 22, 23. 23. Reserved
§ 24. Action of Superior Officers or Employees Declared a Misdemeanor in Certain Cases