§ 22. City may require shelters; installation schedule  

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  • The City may require the Company to install shelters at such locations [as] it may designate within the City and may require the Company to take the procedural steps necessary for the approval of such locations as specified in Section 17 herein within thirty (30) days after it designates such location or locations.

    Shelters shall be installed at a location within three (3) months after the location is approved by the Council; provided, however, that the Company shall not be required to install more than one hundred (100) shelters in any three-month period.

    The months of December, January, February and March shall not be included in determining either three-month period. If the Company establishes that the cost of maintaining a shelter during any six-month period exceeds the actual costs of installing the shelter the Company shall not be required to keep and maintain a shelter at such location; otherwise no shelter may be removed from an approved location without the consent of the Council. The City shall not permit any other bus stop shelter franchisee to install a shelter within one (1) block of a shelter installed and maintained by the Company. (2010-Or-043, § 1, 4-16-10)