Appendix G. Bus Stop Shelters Franchise  

§ 1. Title
§ 2. Definitions
§ 3. Grant
§ 4. Rights and privileges of company
§ 5. Agreement
§ 6. Term; renewal
§ 7. Commencement of term
§ 8. Area
§ 9. Police powers
§ 10. Other franchises
§ 11. Notices
§ 12. Fee for franchise; minimum fee
§ 13. Accounts and records
§ 14. Insurance
§ 15. Indemnification
§ 16. Assignment or transfer
§ 17. Locations
§ 18. Performance bond
§ 18A. Optional letter of credit
§ 19. Reserved
§ 20. Removal of shelter
§ 21. City Engineer to regulate installation
§ 22. City may require shelters; installation schedule
§ 23. Maintenance
§ 24. Advertising
§ 25. Forfeiture
§ 26. Disposition of shelters on expiration of franchise
§ 27. Right of abutting property owner to construct shelter
§ 28. Civil rights
§ 29. Severability

An ordinance granting a franchise to CBS Outdoor, to own, operate and maintain shelters for transit passengers in the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota, setting forth conditions accompanying the grant of franchise and providing for the regulation and use of said shelters and the advertising placed thereon.

WHEREAS, the City of Minneapolis has, following reasonable notice, conducted a public hearing and public negotiation affording all persons reasonable opportunity to be heard, which proceeding was concerned with the analysis and consideration of the technical ability, financial condition, legal qualifications and general character of the franchisee; and

WHEREAS, the City of Minneapolis after such consideration, analysis and deliberation, has approved and found sufficient the technical capabilities, financial condition, legal qualification and character of said franchisee;

NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Minneapolis do ordain as follows: That there is hereby created, granted and established a franchise for a period of ten (10) years for the construction, operation and maintenance of shelters for transit passengers with commercial advertising displayed thereon within the City of Minneapolis to CBS Outdoor.