§ 4.  

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  • The Company shall have and hold the aforedescribed premises and easements adjacent thereto for dockage and storage purposes including the right to construct and maintain docks, wharves, buildings, unloading and loading equipment, pumps, pipelines, platforms, machinery, tools and other equipment as required by the Company for receiving, unloading, loading, storing, shipping, and transferring petroleum products from or to barges, tank cars, tank trucks, or by any other method of transportation, including all necessary pipelines, pumping facilities storage space, as required by the Company for the receiving, handling, storing and shipping of fuel oil, petroleum and other allied products. The Company shall have the further right to use the railroad tracks over and upon said "Tract B" for loading and unloading tank cars or carloads of its products. No pipes shall be laid, constructed or maintained under the railroad tracks or driveways hereinbefore referred to without the prior approval of the City Engineer, and any such pipes shall be so laid and maintained by the Company so as not to cause any additional cost of operation or maintenance of said railroad tracks. The Company shall replace and restore the surface of the roadway whenever disturbed for the laying of any pipes to its original condition previous to such disturbance. The Company shall be responsible for any damage to the City and shall hold the City harmless from any damage caused by reason of the laying or construction and maintenance of any pipes under such railroad tracks.