§ 3.  

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  • All rights hereby granted to the Company shall in all respects be subject to the following rights of the City:

    (a) To enter upon and use said "Tract A" for the purpose of running a pipeline or pipelines through, along and across said property, and that portion of 3rd St. So. contained in the aforedescribed legal description of "Tract A."

    (b) To operate and maintain railroad tracks upon and across said "Tract B" and upon and across any pipe easement granted herein, the maintenance of which railroad tracks the City assumes and agrees to perform.

    (c) To maintain a driveway across said "Tract B" extending from Monroe St., vacated, to the Sly end of "Tract B" as shown on the plat in the office of the City Engineer herein referred to, cross-hatched in red, and marked "Driveway." This driveway shall not be kept open for use by the general public but shall always be kept open for use by the City Engineer for the City's business and not be blocked by railway cars, except for normal business operations.

    (d) To enter upon all the aforedescribed real estate ("Tracts A, B and C") for all proper municipal purposes; such entry, however, not to interfere with the full and free use and enjoyment of said described premises by the Company.