§ 9.

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  • Upon this Ordinance becoming effective, the ordinance passed March 8, 1991, entitled:

    "An ordinance relating to the right of Northern States Power Company, a Minnesota Corporation, its successors and assigns, to construct, install, enlarge, operate, repair and maintain in the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota, its electric distribution system and electric transmission lines, including necessary poles, pole lines, towers, structures, wires, cables, conduits, and other fixtures and appurtenances, for the furnishing of electricity from, into and through the City, and to use the streets, alleys and public grounds of said City for such purposes and repealing a certain ordinance passed March 12, 1971",

    shall be hereby repealed and the Company shall be relieved and discharged of any and all obligations and liabilities which may have arisen or accrued thereunder after payment of the final franchise fee collected thereunder on February 25, 1994, it being the intent of the City and the Company that this Ordinance shall in all respects replace said ordinance of March 8, 1991. (93-Or-180, § 1, 12-15-93)