§ 5.  

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  • The City has stated its intent to accommodate an objective of attempting to establish uniform fees or charges for the use of city streets for installing new facilities used to deliver electricity, gas, steam, hot water or other forms of energy to customers within the City. In no event shall NSP be required to collect a franchise fee from any class of customers in a greater amount than the permit fee or franchise fee percentage rate of the same or similar class of customers imposed by the City in any new franchise, or in any amendment of an existing franchise, granted to another energy supplier after the Commencement Date. Except as provided in this section and section 6, the provisions of Section 4 and the franchise fee schedule set forth therein shall prevail over any other provisions of this Ordinance.

    The City is not bound to impose the scheduled franchise fees on the Company where the City finds, by resolution, in its sole discretion, that waiver of part or all of the fees are necessary to encourage economic development within the City or for other public purposes. Once fees are waived, the City, in its sole discretion, may reinstate part or all of the franchise fees in accordance with the above schedule. (93-Or-180, § 1, 12-15-93)