§ 1.  

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  • For the Company's use of the streets, alleys, and public grounds of the City from January 1, 1994 ("Commencement Date") until December 31, 2014 for the Company's electric distribution and electric transmission lines, the Company shall pay to the City on or before the 25th day of each calendar month, beginning March 1, 1994, as full compensation therefor, a franchise fee as defined and scheduled in Section 4 below. The last franchise fee payment shall be made on the 25th day of the month following the expiration of the franchise term.

    In consideration of such franchise fee, the Company may, during said franchise period, construct, install, enlarge, operate, repair and maintain in, on, over, under and across the streets, alleys and public grounds of the City, an electric distribution system and electric transmission lines, including all poles, pole lines, towers, structures, wires, cables, conduits, lamps, transformers, and other fixtures and appurtenances, usually, conveniently or necessarily used in connection therewith, for the purpose of transmitting electricity into, from and through the City. The use of the streets by the Company shall be subject to reasonable regulations by the City Council and shall be consistent with the use of the streets for proper street purposes by the public, by the City, by the public utilities and others; and in the case of public grounds, shall be consistent with the use of said public grounds by the City and by the public for the public purposes for which they are used and intended. (93-Or-180, § 1, 12-15-93)