§ 3. Conditions of Use  

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  • 3.1. Use of Public Ground. All utility facilities and equipment of the Company shall be located, constructed, installed and maintained so as not to endanger or unnecessarily interfere with the usual and customary traffic, travel, and use of Public Ground, and shall be subject to those permit conditions the City has adopted for all utilities.

    3.2. Restoration. Upon completion of any work requiring the opening of any Public Ground, the Company shall pay the cost and cooperate with the City to restore the opening in the Public Ground, including paving and its foundations, to as good condition as formerly, insofar as reasonably possible. All restoration work performed will be in accordance with standards used by the City. The restoration shall be completed as promptly as possible to achieve quality restorations with the greatest efficiencies at the lowest cost to the citizens of the City and the Company's rate payers.

    3.3. Relocation of Utility Facilities. The Company shall promptly, with due regard for seasonal working conditions, permanently relocate its facilities or equipment whenever the City orders such relocation. If the relocation is a result of the proper exercise of the police power in grading, regrading, changing the location or shape of or otherwise improving any Public Ground or constructing or reconstructing any sewer or water system therein, the relocation shall be at the expense of the Company. If the relocation is not a result of the proper exercise of the police power, the relocation shall be at the expense of the City. If such relocation is done without an agreement first being made as to who shall pay the relocation cost, such relocation of the facilities by the Company shall not be construed as a waiver of its right to be reimbursed for the relocation cost. If the Company claims that it should be reimbursed for such relocation costs, it shall notify the City within thirty (30) days after receipt of such order. The City shall give the Company reasonable notice of plans requiring such relocation.

    Nothing contained in this subsection shall require the Company to remove and replace its mains or to cut and reconnect its service pipe running from the main to a customer's premises at its own expense where the removal and replacement or cutting and reconnecting is made for the purpose of a more expeditious operation for the construction or reconstruction of underground facilities; nor, shall anything contained herein relieve any person from liability arising out of the failure to exercise reasonable care to avoid damaging the Company's facilities while performing any work in any Public Ground.

    3.4. Relocation When Public Ground Vacated. The vacation of any Public Ground shall not operate to deprive the Company of the right to operate and maintain its facilities therein. Unless ordered under Section 3.3, the Company need not relocate until the reasonable cost of relocating and the loss and expense of relocating resulting from such relocation are first paid to the Company. When the vacation is for the sole benefit of the City in the furtherance of a public purpose, the Company shall relocate at its own expense.

    3.5. Street Improvements, Paving or Resurfacing. The City shall give the Company reasonable written notice of plans for street improvements where paving or resurfacing of a permanent nature is involved. The notice shall contain the nature and character of the improvements, the streets upon which the improvements are to be made, the extent of the improvements and the time when the City will start the work, and, if more than one street is involved, the order in which this work is to proceed. The notice shall be given to the Company a sufficient length of time, considering seasonable working conditions, in advance of the actual commencement of the work to permit the Company to make any additions, alterations or repairs to its facilities the Company deems necessary.