Appendix C. Minnegasco, Inc., Franchise  

§ 1. Definitions
§ 2. Franchise Generally
§ 3. Conditions of Use
§ 4. Payments To City
§ 4.2. Franchise Fee In Lieu of All Other Fees or Costs
§ 5. Indemnification
§ 6. Assignment
§ 7. Change In Form of Government
§ 8. Severability
§ 9. Notices
§ 10. Inspection of Records by City
§ 11. Location in Streets and Public Ways

An ordinance granting Minnegasco, a division of Arkla, Inc., a Delaware corporation, its successors and assigns, a nonexclusive franchise to construct, operate, repair and maintain facilities and equipment for the transportation, distribution, manufacture and sale of gas energy for public and private use and to use the public ground of the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota for such purposes; and prescribing certain terms and conditions thereof.