§ 2. Debate.  

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    No Member shall speak more than twice to the same question during the same meeting. Under this rule, each debatable motion is considered a separate question with respect to Members' rights to debate. No Member shall speak longer than seven (7) minutes for the first speech on a question and no more than five (5) minutes for a second speech on the same question. Additional speaking time may be granted by leave of the Council, and shall be decided by a two-thirds vote without debate. The Mayor shall be permitted to speak in the same manner and subject to the same restrictions as a Council Member, except that the Mayor shall not speak on matters of the Council's organization, rules, or procedures.


    If a motion to close debate and bring one or more pending questions to an immediate vote is made and seconded, and if the presiding officer has not yet spoken to the pending question(s), then the presiding officer may exercise the privilege of speaking once to the question(s) before the vote is taken on the motion to close debate.


    While speaking to the merits of any question properly before the City Council, except when responding to a point of information or inquiry, the presiding officer shall have the right to assign the chair to the Vice-President or, in the absence of the Vice-President, to another Member.


    Members of the public shall not be permitted to address the City Council at its meetings. Except for information related to a quasi-judicial proceeding, members of the public may distribute printed material at regular or special meetings of the City Council by and through the City Clerk.

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