§ 1. Motions.  

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    It is the duty of the presiding officer to accept a proper motion whenever it is in order. A motion is in order when it is presented at an appropriate time, violates no rule, and is not clearly for the purpose of delaying or obstructing business. When necessary, the presiding officer may suggest the proper form of a proposal or may request clarification of a proposal before entertaining and proceeding with it.


    All substantive motions and amendments must be offered in writing and must be provided in sufficient quantity to permit copies to be distributed to the Mayor, all Council Members, the City Clerk, the City Attorney, and the public. This requirement shall not apply to non-substantive motions, including but not limited to motions to postpone, extend or limit debate, refer, recess, adjourn, or to correct clerical errors. Motions and amendments not submitted in compliance with this provision shall not be considered unless the rules shall first be suspended.


    Rank. The precedence of the ordinary motions shall rank as shown on the following chart, with the lowest in rank being the Main Motion. When any one of them is immediately pending, the motions above it in the list are in order, and those below it are out of order.

    ORDINARY MOTIONS Second Amend Vote Debatable
    UNDEBATABLE Fix the Time to which to Adjourn Yes Yes Majority No
    Adjourn Yes No Majority No
    Recess Yes Yes Majority No
    Raise a Question of Privilege No No Chair Decides No
    Call for Orders of the Day No No Chair Decides No
    Lay on the Table Yes No Majority No
    Previous Question Yes No Two-Thirds No
    Limit or Extend Debate Yes Yes Two-Thirds No
    DEBATABLE Postpone to a Time Certain Yes Yes Majority Yes
    Commit or Refer Yes Yes Majority Yes
    Amend Yes Yes Majority Yes
    Postpone Indefinitely Yes No Majority Yes
    Main Motion Yes Yes Majority Yes


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