§ 7. Committee Reports.

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    All actions of a committee, including the committee's recommendations on matters referred or directed to its attention, shall be reduced to writing in the form of a committee report adopted by a majority of the committee's members. A committee report, once adopted, shall be transmitted for presentation at the next regular meeting of the City Council.


    After a report has been adopted by a committee, no change therein shall be made before it is presented to the City Council except by further action of the committee during a duly noticed public meeting. At the request of any member, the matters contained within the report may be separated into individual reports and notice of this separation shall be given to all committee members.


    It is the duty of the chair to present the committee's report under the appropriate order of business during meetings of the City Council. In the absence of the chair, the vice-chair shall make the report or, in the absence of both, some other member of the committee may submit the committee's report.


    The Council's reception of a committee's report shall not be construed as conferring any authority upon any committee, nor upon any officer or department of the City; however, the adoption of a report shall have the same effect as the adoption of a motion or resolution, except in cases where a resolution or ordinance would be required by law.

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