§ 1. Committee of the Whole as a Standing Committee.  

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    Within the City Council's standing committee structure, there shall be a Committee of the Whole which shall be and function as a standing committee as defined by these rules, and which shall be comprised of all Council Members. The rules related to the conduct of business and general procedures for committee meetings shall be observed in the Committee of the Whole so far as they may be applicable.


    Committee Management. The Vice-President of Council shall chair the Committee of the Whole and, in that capacity, shall be responsible for its effective operation and shall have and exercise principle control over its business and affairs. As chair, the Vice-President retains the same rights, duties, and privileges as other committee members, including the right to introduce business, to speak in debate from the chair, and to vote on all matters that are properly in possession of the committee.


    Jurisdiction. The following matters shall fall within the jurisdiction of the Committee of the Whole and may be directly referred to it without first being referred to other standing committees:


    Consideration, modification, and action on the City's vision, goals, and strategic directions;


    Major enterprise-wide initiatives, programs, or projects which are not logically suited for another standing committee and which would benefit from a simultaneous, initial hearing by all Council Members, with consent from the relevant committee chair(s);


    Reports regarding the semi-annual resident or employee survey results;


    Emergency or other actions where the regular committee cycle is not adequate to meet sequencing needs.


    Matters considered by the Committee of the Whole may be referred to another standing committee. Any action of the Committee of the Whole under this article making a recommendation to the City Council shall be adopted by a majority vote under the regular rules of debate, and shall be reduced to writing in the form of a committee report.

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