§ 1. Ordinances: Manner of Introduction.  

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  • An ordinance may be introduced only by a Council Member who, at a previous meeting or session, shall have given notice thereof; or by any committee when the subject matter of the ordinance shall have been first referred to the committee at a previous meeting or session of the City Council. A Council Member need not be present at the meeting to offer a notice of intent to introduce. Upon introduction, the presiding officer shall refer the proposed ordinance to the appropriate committee having jurisdiction over the subject matter. Where required by law, or deemed necessary by the City Council, the committee to whom an ordinance is referred shall conduct a public hearing on said ordinance. The public hearing may be conducted concurrently with the regular committee meeting to which the ordinance is referred. Upon introduction and referral of an ordinance to the appropriate committee, the chair of that committee may at that time announce the time and place of the public hearing to be held on the ordinance.

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