§ 4. Subcommittees.  

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  • The City Council may establish subcommittees under the oversight of a standing committee to give exclusive consideration to a particular issue or subject matter. The City Council shall determine the membership of any subcommittee. Subcommittees are subject to the same rules and procedures established for standing committees.


    Race Equity Subcommittee. There shall be a subcommittee of the standing committee on Committee of the Whole called the Race Equity Subcommittee, which shall be composed of all Council Members. The chair and vice-chair of the Committee of the Whole shall be chair and vice-chair, respectively, of the Race Equity Subcommittee. Seven Council Members shall constitute a quorum of the Race Equity Subcommittee, although a lesser number may meet for the purposes of accepting testimony, receiving reports, and discussing business matters, but may take no formal action. The Race Equity Subcommittee shall exercise primary oversight of policies, strategic plans, programs, and trainings as well as outreach and engagement efforts and partnership and collaborative initiatives related to racial equity.

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