§ 3. Committee Management

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  • The chair of each standing or special committee is responsible to the City Council for the effective operation of his or her assigned committee. A committee chair has the same rights, duties, and privileges as other committee members, including the right to introduce business, to speak in debate from the chair, and to vote on all matters that are properly in possession of the committee.

    A. Duties of Committee Chair. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing statement, it shall be the duty of each committee chair to:

    (1) Direct the preparation of an agenda for each meeting outlining all matters to be properly presented for consideration and action;

    (2) Convene each meeting at the appointed time, ascertain the presence of a quorum, and proceed to the business of the committee;

    (3) Recognize those entitled to the floor; confine debate to matters under consideration; explain or clarify rules or procedures, decide points of order, speak in preference to others for this purpose; and ensure order and decorum over the committee's proceedings; and

    (4) State and put to vote all matters before the committee and declare the result thereof for the record.

    B. Vice-Chair. In the absence of the committee chair, the vice-chair shall assume and carry out the duties provided for the committee chair.

    C. Committee Clerk. The City Clerk shall assign a clerk to each committee who shall, under the direction of the committee chair, or its presiding officer, attend to the clerical business of the committee.

(Res. No. 2013R-381, 8-30-2013)