§ 1. Standing Committees: Purpose, Appointment and Structure  

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  • It is the duty of each standing committee to review and make recommendations on matters referred to it or which arise within its jurisdiction, and to forward those recommendations to the full City Council. Committee recommendations shall be limited to: recommend approval; recommend denial; or, forward without recommendation. The Council President shall nominate each committee's membership, subject to ratification by the City Council. The Council President may make temporary appointments to fill vacancies on any of the standing or special committees. In no case shall a Council Member serve simultaneously on the Community Development and the Ways & Means/Budget committees.

    Claims 6 4
    Committee of the Whole 13 7
    Community Development 6 4
    Elections 13 7
    Public Safety, Civil Rights & Health 6 4
    Regulatory, Energy & Environment 6 4
    Rules 13 7
    Taxes 13 7
    Transportation & Public Works 6 4
    Ways & Means/Budget 6 4
    Zoning & Planning 6 4


(Res. No. 2013R-381, 8-30-2013)