§ 8. Order of Business  

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  • A. In the ordinary transaction of business, the following order shall be observed:

    (1) Adoption of agenda.

    (2) Acceptance of minutes. The minutes of the preceding meeting shall be presented for approval. If the minutes are not approved within 40 days from the taking thereof, they shall be deemed approved without further action by the City Council.

    (3) Presentation and referral of claims, petitions, and other communications.

    (4) Reports from officers and departments.

    (5) Reports of Standing Committees (in alphabetical order).

    (a) Joint committee reports - shall appear at the end of the agenda under the first committee listed.

    (b) Referred committee reports - shall appear at the end of the agenda of the originating committee with a notation of referrals to other committees. If a referred committee report differs from the originating committee's report, all reports shall appear at the end of the agenda of the committee which took the first action in order of their referral.

    (c) Matters originating in two committees simultaneously - shall appear on the agenda under the first committee listed.

    (6) Reports of special committees, including the Audit and Executive committees, if any.

    (7) Resolutions.

    (8) Motions.

    (9) Unfinished Business. Matters under Unfinished Business for three consecutive regular meetings shall be returned to the appropriate standing committee for further consideration.

    (10) New Business.

    (11) Announcements. Announcements shall be limited to notification of public events or programs of community significance and interest. Concerns or matters of current, pending, or future Council deliberations are not considered announcements. Council Members may not report on their activities or accomplishments.

    Without objection, the presiding officer may re-order any agenda item within the prescribed order of business, or may temporarily set aside an agenda item for action later in the meeting, for the convenience of the City Council.

(Res. No. 2013R-381, 8-30-2013)