§ 4. Closed Meetings  

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  • Any portion of a meeting of the City Council may be closed to the public, in accordance with the provisions and for the purposes established by state law.

    A. Attendance by Elected Officials. The Mayor and Council Members have the right to attend and participate in closed meetings.

    B. Staff attendance.

    (1) The City Clerk shall attend and record the proceedings and may designate staff members to assist.

    (2) The City Attorney, and representatives of the City Attorney's Office, as well as external legal counsel on behalf of the City of Minneapolis, may attend closed meetings for the purpose of providing legal advice and counsel on issues being presented.

    (3) The Mayor's chief of staff may attend closed meetings.

    (4) Appropriate departmental staff may be present when such attendance is required because of the nature of the issues being presented.

    (5) Only those staff members identified in this section shall be admitted to a closed meeting, unless attendance is granted by motion carried by a majority of those Council Members present and participating.

    C. If an elected official is unable to attend a closed meeting, the elected official may contact the City Attorney to receive information regarding those closed proceedings.

(Res. No. 2013R-381, 8-30-2013)