§ 1. Organizational Meeting  

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  • A. The City Council shall convene in January following the general municipal election to organize its membership. Notice of the organizational meeting shall be posted no less than 48 hours in advance of the organizational meeting. The City Clerk shall officiate at the opening of the organizational meeting and preside over the nomination and election of a President of Council, which shall be the first order of business. The President shall preside over the election of a Vice-President of Council, which shall be the second order of business. The President and Vice-President shall each assume their offices immediately upon the pronouncement of the vote on their respective offices.

    B. At its organizational meeting, the City Council, by resolutions, shall:

    (1) Establish the lines of succession for the offices of Mayor and Council President.

    (2) Adopt a schedule of regular meetings for the four-year term, which may be subsequently amended to accommodate the needs of the Council and its Members.

    (3) Ratify the appointment of standing and special committees of the City Council.

(Res. No. 2013R-381, 8-30-2013)